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MBP Personalized Shoots

let's challenge eachother

I deliver amazing creative works for you

your imagination is the only limit


Beautiful portrait photography with a hint of retouching to emphasize your natural beauty, most un-posed and if requested, themed.


Composite works of art. Whether portrait, group, family or weddings. I’ve done them all.


Being a native of Idaho, I have been able to enjoy many of it’s hidden gems. My landscape captures are all part of a limited edition, ready for purchase.

if you can't see beauty, change your perspective.

Work with me

It’s one thing to be an photographer, it’s another to be an artist.

Throughout the years I’ve watched photographers locally, (mainly Twin Falls, ID) and abroad. Most spend their careers trying to learn their equipment and cameras. That’s great if you want to be a photographer! But the sad truth is, that’s where they end, and their work and styles look like everyone else s. The ones that combine their tools with being an artist, are the ones that do the best. They have the work that is unique and everyone wants. That’s what I strive for! Give me a call!

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